About the Journal

Integrasi Penelitian Gizi Kesehatan  (INTELIK) is a journal based on Nutrition Science published by the Nutrition Science Study Program, University of North Sumatera Nahdlatul Ulama. INTELIK is published periodically (twice a year, in March and October) with the aim of disseminating research results in the field of nutrition to academics, practitioners, students, and others. INTELIK accepts submissions of research articles in the fields of nutrition and health written in Indonesian. 
INTELIK is a double-blind peer-review journal for exploration, expression, and publication media of scientific works of research findings and scientific investigations in the field of nutrition and health. The scope of this journal is nutrition science, especially in Community Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Food Service, Food and Nutrition Technology, Food and Nutrition Biochemistry, Functional Food, Health and Nutrition Policy, and also Health Behavior and Promotion. INTELIK accepts scientific articles from authors who want to take active parts and roles in nutrition and health science.